Hi, my name is Anna Aita, I was born and raised in Milan, Italy and at the end of 2020 I moved to the USA.

I studied Human Sciences for Communication at Università Statale of Milan. After graduating, I began working as a graphic designer for a few years. In 2011 I started pole dancing and fell in love with it. I continued my training along with Aerial Arts, Acrobatics, Calisthenics, and later became a Pole Dance teacher. In 2013, I quit my job as a graphic designer and opened my own Pole Dance and Aerial Arts school in Milan.

 I began my journey in photography during the lockdown in March 2020, so most of my first photos are self-portraits or photos of my husband. After the lockdown, I was able to focus on artistic portraits and do Pole Dance and Aerial Arts photo shootings.

I love Painting, Sculpture, Street Art and travelling around the world. For my photography works I love to play with colors and give a painterly style to my photos.